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Business Disruptions and Innovations beyond COVID-19

Call for papers for: Foresight (SPECIAL EDITION SCOPUS Q2)


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Business disruptions and Innovations beyond COVID-19

Submission Portal Open: November 15, 2020
Submission deadline: April 15, 2021

Recently, the pandemic has drastically reshaped the business landscape. Many countries are facing devastative consequences of the pandemic on business and economy. This unprecedented situation needs urgent interventions to mitigate business disruptions. While this situation affected the economy as a whole, individual businesses are also under pressure and planning to respond to inevitable changes in business operations. Businesses are largely affected, and supply chains were disturbed for a long time, even some companies are at the brink of bankruptcy due to Pandemic. The pandemic steered business disruptions in many ways, posed new challenges to the businesses. Business practices have been reshaped drastically. The businesses are not only redesigning their processes but, to some extent, also the infrastructures to confront business disruptions. 

This inevitable situation also provided new prospects for the future. This situation compelled businesses to develop innovative ideas to encounter future business challenges. Disruptive innovations have led the business in the uncertain time. Most of the businesses moved to remote working and using digital applications to manage the business in this difficult time. These innovative alterations in business practices can be observed in all sectors of the economy. Thus, innovations are the leading competitive advantage for the organizations that are performing better during the pandemic. This differentiation allowed them to perform better not only in the current scenario but also developed capabilities to be future business leaders through innovation as their driving force. Thus, it is important to understand how innovativeness led the businesses in uncertain times? This special issue aims to map business disruptions during the COVID period and how innovation played role in business development beyond COVID 19?  

This special issue will contribute to two major aspects of the future business environment. First, it will provide an understanding of the alterations in current business operations that are in response to the pandemic situation. Mainly lessons from the organizations who were successful in responding to the situation and from those who don’t. The second aspect will contribute to predict the future business environment that helps policymakers to adopt relevant practices. Especially the impact of innovation on business development beyond COVID 19.  This special issue will bring together original research in the discipline of business strategy and innovation, where theoretical and empirical articles that fall within some of the following topics are addressed

•    Business disruptions and Innovation
•    Digital innovation and business environment
•    Eco-innovations and Entrepreneurship
•    Disruptive innovation
•    Disruptive technologies and innovation
•    Creativity and innovation in uncertainty
•    Organizational Resources, Innovation and Technology
•    Managing innovation during the pandemic

Keywords: Disruptive innovation, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management, Strategic innovation, Business Disruption, Business Innovation, Eco-innovation, Organizational Resources, Business Forecasting

Submission deadline: April 15, 2021.
Planned publication date: September 2021
Maximum length of papers: 6000-7000 words. Author guidelines can be consulted here
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