Term and condition

Term and condition

Publication term and Condition

term and condition




Terms and Conditions

1.   The conference fee is non-refundable in any case.

2.  Full paper submission and publication is optional. Conference fee includes the e-certificates, proceeding and workshop (if applied)

3. The conference fee does not include publication fees for SCOPUS / ISI / HEC indexed journals. Separate Invoice will be sent to the authors for article processing charges of journals.

4. The publication fee and time are dependent on the selected journals. There may be several rounds of corrections before publication. Please note this process can take a longer time for publication. However, the AIBPM conference team will assist you at each step of the publication process.

5.     Author’s Must need to ensure that the work submitted for publication is their original contribution and no plagiarism. Any paper having plagiarism more than 20% would be rejected. Make sure your paper has a similarity index of less than 20% and less than 5% from a single source. Please note self-plagiarism is also not allowed. No refund application will be entertained if the paper is rejected due to plagiarism. We may also request the respective institutes to act against the author who is involved in these Malpractices.

6.     AIBPM is not responsible for any change in the journal indexing. AIBPM is association that also is conference organizers, not an indexing agency. We do not control the indexing process. The information about the journal is obtained from the journal website and verified from the Scopus database. In any case journal indexing has been changed during the publication process conference organizers have no control over it and they are not responsible for any change in journal indexing.

7.     AIBPM always extended its efforts to publish conference papers in Scopus Indexed journals. However, we cannot control the indexing process. In any case, any author’s article is not indexed in the Scopus database the authors have to contact Scopus through email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Scopus help center. We have not any control over the Scopus Indexing process.

8.     Authors must need to confirm the indexing of the journal provided by the AIBPM for publication from the SCOPUS / ISI / HEC or the official website of SCOPUS or through email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  . Upon submission of the agreement from AIBPM will process the publication.

9.     AIBPM will try their level best to complete the publication process quickly. However, the publication process may take 6-9 months. We need your cooperation during this process.

10. AIBPM is not responsible to fulfil any institutional criteria for publication acceptance. authors should confirm from their respective departments before submission of their publication fee.

I have read the agreement and I agree with these terms and conditions.