Conference Partnership

Conference Partnership

AIBPM provides full conference management support, from preliminary stages to publication, and beyond.

If you would like to host the International Conference at your university/Institution. Kindly drop an email with detailed profile of yourself and institution to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Following are the services that can be provided to your University/Institution.
 International keynote speaker
AIBPM can sponsor by providing the international keynote speakers for your conference for free.
The conference will be launched at AIBPM website.Automatic creation of conference website that saves time and effort.
 Banner, Poster and Calls for Papers & Participation
We will design the suitable banner, poster and call for paper & participation
Comprehensive online promotion of the conference.
 Reviewer and Committee members
AIBPM provide the international reviewer members for your conference
 Registration and Financial Processing
Our administration staff will help to collect the registration and financial process
AIBPM-conference Services will deliver the Proceedings in Electronics or printed Format on time with accuracy.
We have 2 types of Proceeding. 
a. Standar online proceeding with ISBN.
b. WOS proceeding (partnered with Atlantis Press)
 Journal publication supports
We connect with publisher partner that support our conference partner in term of publication. We facilitate and have a good network but we are not publication agency so we can not guarantee but we have facilitate the publication. Thousands papers we have published to many journals. For your consideration you can check the website for the journal partners. Be
 Publication in Journals
Selected Papers will be published in various Issues of AIBPM associated International Journals. The journals are indexed by Scopus, google scholar, CrossRef and PKP index. 
Conference Sponsorship selection process”:

If you are an conference organizer and planning to organize any National / International conference, then you need to send the conference details at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or if you want to register to be the partner please fill the form
• Institute or Organization which is organizing this conference/event.
• Conference Dates (If you have finalized the dates or tentative month/year).
• City/Country where this conference is going to held.• Website Link, if you have a conference website.

AIBPM as technical co-sponsor for your conference : Guidelines for Conference Organizers

Once the conference is approved by the board members, we'll notify the organizer via email/phone. Please make sure you follow the instructions as per journal guidelines:

• All the papers should be in AIBPM JOURNALS format. Please download the AIBPM JOURNALS template from this link. You can change the header/footer of the template as per Volume/Issue details provided to you.

• If you have conference website, make sure you provide the AIBPM website link on your conference page, specifying AIBPM as technical co-sponsor.

• Provide the AIBPM details on conference leaflet, poster or brochure.

• You are authorized to use AIBPM logo on your website, you can download the logo that will be sent by our staff.