Master Classes 1:

Emerging Research Trends in Digital Marketing (90 Mins)

Every business is a victim of digital Darwinism due to the rapid mutations in consumer behaviour when society and technology evolve faster than the marketer’s ability to exploit it. Marketers can no longer stick their heads in the sand and hope that old methods will work forever. Spends in digital marketing is growing and the investments in display, video, email and other newly developing modes of communication are expected to displace spending on television in 2021. The emergence of this new universe has opened myriad unexplored themes and methods in academic research. Join our experts to get a deeper understanding of the broad trends emerging in research, in the fields of Consumer Behaviour, Advertising and Communication and the entire gamut of Digital Marketing.

Master classes 2:

Conducting Experimental Research in the Digital World (90 Mins) Researchers in marketing, consumer behaviour and consumer psychology conducting empirical research are often confronted with questions regarding the validity of their causal claims. Whether it’s a new product launch, a new post on social media, a new email or digital advertising campaign or a new call to action button on the landing page, marketers want to understand how their audience will react. Marketing experiments can help companies test, refine and apply the results to improve the campaigns and drive results. While it is commonly acknowledged that experimental research is one of the most powerful tools to reach this goal, its application in social sciences has been strained due to the apparent resource constraints and ethical considerations. The virtual universe created by intense digitization and the internet has overcome some of the inherent challenges associated with experiments in social sciences, while it may have given birth to new constraints and ethical dilemmas. In this Master class, our experts would explore the trends, advantages and ethical challenges in conducting experimental research in the Digital World.

Master clasess 3:

Predictive Analytics with Diverse Forms of Data in the Digital World (90 Mins) Companies are struggling to make sense of the data generated by the digitization of their businesses. Another, and an equally large challenge has been aggregating data from different platforms such as social media, web logs and videos. Analytics has come to the rescue of companies and have taken many unknown variables out of marketing. Engage with our experts to understand how companies are mining data to generate insights and improve customer engagement.